Running Your Best: Some Science and Medicine

Running Your Best: Some Science and MedicineBased on science, medicine and the personal experiences of Dr Andrew Murray, this booklet offers information on how to achieve ‘your best’ at running. A handbook that can inform and guide you, if ill or injured. Also allowing you to keep record of any illnesses, injuries, and the treatments and medication you have been given.

Running Beyond Limits: The Adventures of an Ultra Marathon Runner

Running Beyond Limits: The Adventures of an Ultra Marathon RunnerAndrew Murray has been running since 2005 when he realised that it might be a good way to see a bit of the world. Since then he has been placed first overall in races in the Arctic, the Sahara, Outer Mongolia and the jungle, amongst others. But in 2010 he devised a challenge that put all his previous attempts in the shade – to run from Scotland to the Sahara in one continuous push with no rest days! It is 2,659 miles from John O’Groats at the northern tip of mainland Britain to Merzouga in Morocco and Andrew planned to complete the distance in 85 days. That’s the equivalent of 100 marathons run end to end – and not a single day off to recover. With minimal support, and in the middle of winter, trying to run an ultra marathon every day was the challenge of a lifetime for Andrew. As a medic, Andrew knew exactly what that would do to his body…and it wasn’t good news. Attempting to cram in a staggering 8,000 calories every day is extremely difficult and doesn’t stop the body from beginning to break down. This book is the story of that run, interwoven between tales of extraordinary endurance events in some of the most extreme locations in the world.