Run The World - Atlanta

Run The World challenge – Atlanta

To be honest Atlanta wouldn’t have been my first choice to visit in North America but to make the rest of the trip line up, it was the best option flights wise.

With all the mayhem of the travel arrangements I couldn’t sleep that well on the flight from South America so felt shattered even at the start. But in fairness there is a fair bit to interest the visitor. There are sites on interest in relation to the 1996 Olympic games, and Martin Luther King. It’s also a very American city, everyone is ridiculously friendly, and the buildings tower over the surrounds.

I was fortunate enough to be joined by Frank Akers, who ran with me every step of the 31.2 miles (50km). He’s a top man and explained all the local history, the sights, and kept me in better humour than is customary during ultra marathons!

The Olympics have left a considerable legacy, and the major sports stadiums of the baseball, American football, and basketball teams are seriously impressive. As are Piedmont park, and all number of huge buildings.

Atlanta is also the home of Coca-Cola and CNN, and the busiest airport in the world. Street names include sunset drive and Martin Luther King Avenue. My brother Iain now lives in the states and took the opportunity to feed me and abuse me in equal measure.

I was unsurprised also to see McDonalds everywhere, including at the airport, which is (and I say this before arriving at Heathrow) one of the least efficient airports I’ve ever been to. Both immigration and check in moved at glacial speed. Interestingly the air hostess on my flight in claimed the breakfast to be the finest I will ever taste. For those that dine exclusively on cardboard and brussels sprouts this may be true.

So Atlanta is actually a nice place, and it was great to run with frank and see my brother. Still on track but horribly fatigued so could do with a decent sleep on the flight to London.