Back home to Europe. Arrived back and amazing to see my wife Jennie at the airport. Heathrow for me is usually at the start or end of a journey but this punctuated the middle, the 4th of a potential 7 ultras on 7 continents in 7 days.

Part of the logistical challenge is about allowing enough time on each of the continents to allow seeing the things I wanted to see. It’s not just the flights and the running that eat up the time. It’s a minimum of 2 hours check in time at each airport, time for transfers, eating and a bit of sleeping (although not much of this so far).

I knew that London required a quick turnaround even if flights were on time. They were not. We sat on the runway at Atlanta awaiting news on what was being labelled an indefinite delay. Furious online checking revealed the only other flight to London that night was full. It was so frustrating realising that the success of the run depending not on you, but on the aircraft engineers. We eventually got the green light 2 hours late and arrived in London.

I felt strong and knew if I could clear customs quickly I could run into central London, but if not, I would have to find a local and less interesting route. There were no delays and I hugged my wife Jennie as I saw her. She and friends Michael, Gordon and Hayder had sorted everything and we immediately took the road for London, being joined by brother in law Gavin.

London has it all in terms of sights, we took in the Thames path, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, London Bridge, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park, finishing just in time for a couple of interviews and for another Heathrow express. An interminable delay going through security caused a panic and a sprint to latch the flight but leg 4 was done, over half way and still on track.