Run The World

I’m lucky to have raced all over the world and have won races in the jungle, the Sahara desert, and at the North Pole. But I felt like passing out after my first half marathon, and was even passed by a donkey on my run to the Sahara, a sight much enjoyed by the BBC crew.

For something to be a challenge, there must be a chance of failure. In November 2012, I’ll compete in the in Antarctica and then run at least 50 km on each of the world’s 7 continents on consecutive days.

The contrasts of the cold of Antarctica, the heat of the desert, and the buzz of big cities will add to the excitement. I’ll travel economy, Carbon offset and it’ll be a significant logistical and athletic challenge. Antarctic weather is ropey so it might start a few days late due to frequent flight delays.

21st November – Compete in Ice Marathon
23rd November – Antarctic leg
24th November – Patagonia leg (South America)
25th November – Toronto leg (North America)
26th November – London leg (Europe)
27th November – Pyramids / Cairo leg (Africa)
28th November – Desert / Dubai leg (Asia)
29th November – Sydney leg, Australia

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Update: Andrew on Fox News, after finishing off the Run The World Challenge!

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