Run The World challenge - Dubai

Run The World challenge – Dubai

There is no off switch for RunTheWorld. Either the challenge is completed or it is not. There is no option but to get on with it.

With weary legs I hobbled off the plane, delighted by the 2 hours sleep I’d accrued. Familiar faces always raise the spirits and seeing my cousin Stephanie, and friends Paul and Wendolin all of whom live in Dubai put a spring in my step. It was only 50km after all, something I’d done many times before and there was a new city to explore.

And Dubai is a new city, sprung up from the desert, it is a seriously impressive skyline, and the quality of life enjoyed by residents is much discussed. The evening was a great time, temperature wise to run, with it being consistently around 26 Celsius as opposed to much higher day time temperatures.

Sights such as the Dubai mall, and it’s fountains, the Burj and various other tall buildings ensued plenty to look at and a hard time for the Garmin working out how far we’d done. My ankles had started to swell a little due to being on my feet constantly whether running, in transit, or on flights so I’d kept the laces on my shoes pretty much undone.

Throughout the challenge I’d usually just run until I got tired then take a short break to reload on food, but energy levels were a bit low so we stopped briefly every hour and forced something down despite a bit of nausea.

And after 50 km the job was done, and a generous connection allowed a couple hours sleep at Stephanie and nicks. It’s a stunning city by day or by night and again highlighted the value of sharing the run with others, catching up with friends, and having the chance to laugh and joke rather than constantly thinking of how sore your feet were.

It felt like the battle was won. I was already a full day ahead of schedule, and only had Australia left to run. I fell asleep thinking of the incredible places I’d been in the last few days rather than worrying about the future for a change.